Dolores has overcome many adversities in her life. Her writing is the transformation and journey from pain to peace.

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Dolores gives her time and her treasure to  the Support Center for Child Advocates of Philadelphia. Will you show your support?

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Dolores is stuying ministry at American Institute of Holistic Theology.

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Beautiful Warrior Prose and Poetry

Messages from the heart, poems, essays and messages designed to uplift and share the message of nature, beauty and healing love.

Rising Above the Beauty of Life

Healing messages designed to soothe the soul and share the message of triumph over adversity.  There is always HOPE.

Coming Soon - Book of Letters

Letters to loved ones hold a special place in your heart.  Dolores shares some of her most intimate feelings with those in her life.

Testimonials, Praise and Accolades

Special Gifts - You have so many special gifts and I am happy you are spending the time you deserve to work on your book. You have already helped so many, touched so many lives, and I know in the end your book will be fantastic, like you!

- Love Karen

Continuing Journey - I certainly have an awareness of the pain and suffering [you went through] in your life. I also am aware of how you transformed that pain into peace.

- Michaeline